My Journey

Welcome to the collection of my stories. A smorgasboard of the areas of my life that matter the most to me and make me who I am. Find posts about my Yoga, my life, and my mindset. 

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Another Year has Gone by

Anyone who ever said that you can’t completely change your life in a year, is a fucking liar. I’m now officially proof. Birthdays are always a time for me to…

Step One: Take your Time

“Are you stressed?” asked my boyfriend, John. “No”, I replied, tensely. “Not exactly. I know it’s my head, but I just feel like I don’t have enough time today and,…
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Fear or Gratitude?

“Aren’t you afraid you’ll get the virus if you travel now?” “Don’t you have more pressing health concerns that you need to take care of?” “Have you really packed everything…
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My GoFundMe Campaign

My History I have an incurable, genetic disease called Tuberous Sclerosis Complex (TSC). A spontaneous visit to the emergency room for “stomach pain” when I was 25 revealed a softball-size…
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How it All Began

I am standing in the emergency room. The doctor who just conducted my ultrasound has left. He was young and pretty unsure of himself. I’m rarely with doctors, but my…
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Meine GoFundMe Kampagne

Meine Geschichte Ich habe Tuberöse Sklerose (TSC) – eine unheilbare genetische Erkrankung. Als ich 25 war, wurde bei einem spontanen Besuch wegen „Magenschmerzen“ in der Notaufnahme ein tennisballgroßer Nierentumor entdeckt –…